Classic x2: Psycho - Borås Bio Red Kvarn

Borås Bio Röda Kvarn, Borås
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Woman steals money, flies, checks into Bates Motel and unexpectedly visits the shower in one of the most famous scenes of film history. Alfred Hitchcock's low budget production received a mixed reception at the premiere but became an audience success and later classic. Do not miss the chance to see one of the most pioneering genres at the cinema, 57 years after the Swedish premiere (31 October 1960). Visas in connection with Red Kvarn's 103th anniversary, in collaboration with the national class initiative Cinemateket: c /o.

Direction: Alfred Hitchcock
Contributors: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh et al
Country: USA
Year: 1960
Censorship: From 15 years
Length: 109 minutes

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|Translated by Google translation|
Borås Bio is located a stone's throw from Borås Central Station at Knalletorget along the River Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kitchen and directly adjacent to the Babbel restaurant.