Fireman for one day

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Do you want to be a fireman for a day? Södra Älvsborg's Rescue Service Federation gives young people between 10-15 years the chance to try to be firefighters for a day.

Initially, you get information about the firefighter's squad and then try several practical moments. We extinguish fires, take care of injured and much more. The education is free and we offer simpler coffee.

Location: Guttasjön

Target group: young people from grade 4 to grade 9
Location: Guttasjön, bus 155 from the travel center at 9.40 to Bockaryd. Home trip 13.41.
Cost: no charge. Registration is binding. Limited number of seats.
Registration: no later than Monday three days before Thursday you want to go.

27Jul 09:40
03Aug 09:40
10Aug 09:40

Contact information

Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförbund
Olovsholmsgatan 12

Phone: +46-33172986