Pippi at the Seven Gardens - Park Theater

|Translated by Google translation|

When Pippi, Tommy and Annika play outside Villa Villekulla, Tommy suddenly finds a bottle post. Curiously, they take out the message and Tommy gets to read for the others.

It says this:

Pippi - HELP

I have been captured by seafarers

Siter in prison on Kurreduttön - hurry up.

I can not stand it anymore

There the adventure begins. Pippi has to free her Dad immediately and she goes to the South Sea together with friends Tommy and Annika. There Captain Blodsvälte, Jocke with the Knife and the other pirates awaits.

Lovely music, singing and lots of fun. But also a little exciting when Kultkompaniet from Borås comes with her next big classic who will tour around Sweden!

Recruitment Age: From 4 years

Length: 1 hour 45 min incl break (approx.)

Release time: 15.45

Duration: 1 hour 45 min approx

02Sep 16:00
09Sep 16:00
10Sep 16:00 13:00

Contact information

c/o Lohne, Brotorpsgatan 6d
507 65 Borås
Phone: +46-738411897

E-mail: info@kultkompaniet.se
Website: http://www.kultkompaniet.se

Price information

|Translated by Google translation|

185-295 kr. Tickets: www.ticketmaster.se and Borås Tourist Center.