The Wizard from Oz

Sagateatern Borås, Borås
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Dorothy wakes up after a cool typhoon lifting the whole house and bringing it all the way to the land of Oz. There she falls among the little putties and the good witch Östan. But to get home, she needs help from the powerful wizard of Oz.

On her walk to the Wizard, she meets the Plåtmannen, Fågelskrämman and the Lion, and on their walk they come across for several experiences. The evil witch Almighty wants to get to the magic shoes that Dorothy wears.

The cult companion from Borås shows one of the most classical tales and it will be a great song, a lot of excitement and a wonderful adventure. Of course with the classic "Ovan regnbogen".

The cult company tours all over Sweden with its productions.

In addition to the wizard of Oz, in 2017-18 there are also two more performances on tour. It is "Pippi on the Seven Gardens" and "Ronja Rövardotter" is played in Norrland.

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14Oct 16:00 Sagateatern Borås
15Oct 16:00 Sagateatern Borås

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