110,000 drillers are celebrated with Robin Bengtsson on stage

Borås City, Borås
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Now we set up with Kalas for Borås's record population. On June 6th, on the national day, we celebrate both national day and our city grows and now reach 110,000 inhabitants. Robin Bengtsson plays live on Stora torget, it is being children's welcome and welcome by new Swedes.

"It is positive that Borås grows, and we want to celebrate with the drill bits. We are looking forward to a day out of the ordinary, with festivities for all ages, "says Ulf Olsson (S), Chairman of the City Council.

"We invite you to a party for the drill bits because we are growing. National Day is a fitting day to pay attention to the fact that we are now a large number of municipal residents, says Annette Carlson (M), City Council's first vice-chairman.

It will be a generous and happy day, with activities at Stora torget and in Stadsparken. There will be children's calamity at Stora torget between 12.00 and 14.00. ThereThere will be pony riding, a fire truck with firefighters, the opportunity to try an electric motorcycle, and the Navet Science Center is in place with various funnels. Actors from Kulturforeningen Toget will also be in place. In addition, it becomes face painting.

At 13.30 a children's guide starts with art , based on Stora torget. Same time, 13.30, the celebration starts at Stadsparken, where new Swedes are welcomed with a national ceremony, and where later there will be national festivals with march orchestra.

At 14 o'clock there will be a bubbling feast of proud politicians, and then Robin Bengtsson will take a band. On stage, the radio profile Sarit Monastyrski will conduct conferences.

Program June 6th
Stora torget
12.00-14.00 Children's calf
13.30 Bar decoration of art
14.00 Party numbers to the boråsarna. Robin BengtssonGoes on stage

city ​​park
13.30 Welcome of new Swedes
15.00 National celebration