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Textile Fashion Center, Borås
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Habit Fashion Industry's day 17 May 2017.

Textile Fashion Center, Marketplace Borås and Habit invites you to a full day in the fashion industry signs. For the second time will Habit fashion industry's day-to Boras and this time it is the consumer at the center.

Who is the consumer of the future? And how can the fashion industry to meet the demands and desires? This is the starting point and the theme of the day.

When: May 17, 2017.
Time: 09:00 to 15:30, registration opens 08:30.
Where: Textile Fashion Center, Boras.
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For more information
Emma Toral, project Habit , 0736 82 53 95th
Nanette Espinansse, MarketplaceBoras, 0705 25 88 67th
Helena Ransjö Alcenius, Textile Fashion Center , 0705 41 54 44th

17May 09:00 - 15:30 Textile Fashion Center

Contact information

Textile Fashion Center
Skaraborgsvägen 3A

Phone: +46-33255455
Mobile: +46-723869493
Booking: +46-723869492

E-mail: info@textilefashioncenter.se
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Price information

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295 kr. Register on:

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Habit Fashion Industry Day is a forum and a meeting place for suppliers and retailers, as well as organizations and institutions related to the shoe and fashion industry. For the 12th consecutive year the conference brings together industry leaders to focus on pressing issues.

Textile Fashion Center
is a meeting place in a creative environment for people, businesses, cultures, students, businessmen, creators, curious, young and old. A cluster to inspire people to dare to make dreams a reality.

The basic idea is based on innovative processes is best done in the interplay between business, academia and society. There is potential for new businesses, companies, products and research, but also for more quality education and cooperation between culture and education through co-location.

The businesses that operate in Textile Fashion Center is a huge knowledge bankranging from expert to education and research at the forefront.

Textile Fashion Center is a place for fashion shows, cultural events, business, exhibitions, events, meetings, dinners, and education.

Three parties forms the basis for the cluster; Anyang City, the University of Borås and the collective economy of Boras region.