PA Hall's Terass (Café Utbult Borneby)


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Utbult Borneby & Co., consisting of Annika Utbult and Peter Borneby, opened Cafe & Bistro 2011 in the Culture House premises in Borås. Besides us, we have a wonderful staff!

Our mission and goal is to provide excellent food & beverage quality at a reasonable price, as well as our guests to feel "at home" feel in our modern premises and our terrace.

To keep our reasonably priced menu is all ordering of food and drinks at the counter, but of course you can book a table in order to secure a seat.

Event & Catering
In addition to our activities in Kulturhuset, we undertake catering assignments. We take full responsibility for small and large events. We deliver food to the graduation party, weddings, bridal showers, company parties, etc. Go in and look at our products and see examples of what we can offer.

You can order hot dishes, cold tapas, sandwich cake, party trays, buffets, etc. We also supplydelicious cakes, muffins, pies and cookies. Maybe you want to order dessert after dinner or girl to Friday fikan at work. Would you like us to come to your home and fix the whole party arrangement, it is not something that is foreign to us. For inspiration, look under products for examples of what we can arrange.

You have the desire - we have the solution.

Contact information

Café PA Halls terass
Kulturhuset P A Halls terrass
503 42 Borås
Phone: +46-33102100


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