Hüttner på mässen


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Hüttner the mess hall

We are located at the regimental ward room on the now defunct I15. Here, since 1914 the officers had their meals.

This venue we can promise is one of the most beautiful Boras ordering premises! The premises are preserved in their original condition, which makes the environment unique and offers a lot of Swedish history. The stunning exhibition environment we arrange premium ordering arrangement for both companies and individuals.

We organize conferences, business dinners, business lunches, meetings, kick-offs and other corporate and association  arrangement. For individuals we arrange everything there is to celebrate the little extras, such as weddings, formal dinners and graduation.

We always perfect aroma and taste of our cuisine. Therefore, all our food is cooked from scratch with prime ingredients. First-class materials complemented with heart and soul and vast experience of cooking and service.

Väkommen you too!


Hüttnerthe mess is the perfect venue for weddings. More beautiful environment that helps with the mood of this important anniversary is hard to find.

We have extensive experience in organizing wedding parties. When your big day draws near so do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our stunning floor makes your party special, whether it is wedding, birthday, graduation or anything else you want to celebrate.

Three beautiful rooms in a row provides ample space for entertaining. The dining room takes groups of up to 60 people. For larger groups, up to 120 people, we serve both the dining room and parlor. For a buffet, we have room for 150 people.

After dinner ingested advantageously coffee with something special inside the library.


Feel free to add your conference or meeting with us.

We offer excellent opportunities for rewarding conferences and meetings in a relaxed andpersonal environment. In our facilities, we can accommodate everything from a small conference up to 50 people theater style. You disposes of all of the premises providing excellent opportunities for group work.

For larger meetings, Regimental Hall right across the old parade ground used. It can accommodate 350 people in theater style.

The conference serves morning coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee. Both bread cakes are obviously homemade.

Want some evening events, we will arrange it.

Please contact me if you have any questions and for pricing.

Contact information

Hüttner på mässen
Lagercrantz Plats 5
50431 Borås
Phone: +46-33103980
Mobile: +46-709267210
Booking: +46-33103980

E-mail: victoria@huttnerpamassen.se
Website: http://www.huttnerpamassen.se

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Elfsborg regiment has its origin in 1600s large regiment of Västergötland. As part of the Great Reformation of the Swedish armed forces was the Swedish landscape regiments up in 1624 by King Gustav II Adolf. Throughout the regiment's 374-year history was Älvsborgs regiment an infantry regiment and for short periods trained regiment including armored infantry. 1680 when Karl XI organized allotment was determined that the regiment would consist of 8 companies who would be recruited from the seven counties of Mark, Bollebygd, Kind, Redväg, ridge, Gäsene and wood (hence the name Sjuhäradsbygden). The eighth company recruited mainly from Askim and Örgrytes counties. The regiment took part in almost all Swedish war in either field army or crew in Swedish fortresses both in Sweden and in other parts of the kingdom. Officers has historically responsible for their own living, both food and lodging. Mess in fixed premises commenceduntil the late 1800's. The first 173 years moved mess around Europe. 1797 started the mess at Fristad Hed, and stayed in these rooms in 117 years, and then move to Borås in 1914. The premises are still preserved in its original condition and decades of industry experience and traditions are built into the walls. The military operations on I15 in Borås ceased in 2005.