Gastronomy Eleven is an pre-order restaurant in Boras


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Jonas Nelson and Johan Tyrén owns and operates Gastronomy Eleven since its inception in 2006. We provide experiences for both stomach and mind for only private parties. Our guests arrive with anticipation, curiosity and excitement. The goal is to offer a complete experience where the guest always at the center.

Gastronomy Eleven will create new trends, not follow them!

Cooking classes

You are divided into 3 teams and cook along with us.


Gastronomy Eleven arrange the buffet or dinner, either to take-away or at your home. Everything from small receptions to the big party.


We organize your wedding dinner. Everything from the small home for 10 people to the greatness of community hall for 100 people.


Gastronomy Eleven arrange dinner and business lunches for private parties.

Wine tasting

Combine your event with a wine tasting.

Cooking class

Ourcooking classes are very popular events. Contact us to find out more about the opportunities on offer.

Contact information

Gastronomi Elva
Lilla Brogatan 7
50330 Borås
Phone: +46-33102211
Mobile: +46-708727918


Opening hours

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Open by appointment unless otherwise noted.

Price information

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Public transportation


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Contact us for orders or questions: Gastronomy Eleven, Lilla Brogatan 7, 033-10 22:11